Blue Flower

"No one wants to sit in Village Halls listening to random and abstract procedural votes waiting for the one issue to come up that you care about. The little secret is that none of the Councillors really likes it either, but it's better than any other version of Democracy, and that's how local issues are worked through."

SixPAC wants to give anyone with a computer, smartphone, or tablet the opportunity to participate whether online or in person at meetings.

  • SixPAC aims to help you understand the problems before someone has already made it permanent.
  • SixPAC aims to provide bespoke graphics, and weatherproof posters to anybody for their village. Roadside signage is absolutely essential to get your neighbours talking and alert the press to the story they didn't even know they should have written.
  • SixPAC aims to give you the tools you need to connect directly with decision makers. Both to praise the good and berate the bad, but make your voices heard.
  • SixPAC is biased, but it's non-partisan. If it's for the good of the community, we can all work together.