Blue Flower

  • England invented the job of “dustman” in London to collect and recycle waste in the 1800’s.
  • Everything was sorted on the outskirts of the city.
  • Virtually nothing has changed to the collection system since then.

Back then almost 100% of our waste was recycled and biodegradable. But in the recent past we’ve embraced the throwaway society, accepted built in obsolescence from manufacturers, worshipped at the altar of disposable nappies, and created vast landfill sites to bury mountains of plastic packaging in. And how did we adjust to these changes?
We gave ourselves some dinky little plastic boxes to put our recyclable waste in and everything just magically disappears.

Dimmer landfill has been at the epicentre of decades of bad decisions but it had a definite end of life. There was no extension option to the contract on this landfill site. When site is full, it closes. Viridor, bye-bye. You won't be missed.

The people of this area have done their duty to society. We’ve all made our sacrifices in quality of life and lowered property values. We were promised for over 20 years respite from lunatic HGV drivers, the danger, the noise and the pollution they bring.

Did you even know that Somerset County Council have done a deal behind closed doors to allow Viridor to perpetually occupy the Dimmer site? Riding roughshod over every resident, parish council and planning committee, and contrary to all prior public and political consensus and agreements? Vladamir "Crime in Crimea" Putin would be proud of Somerset Waste Partnership - They simultaneously pullled off the perfect land-grab and the perfect heist of the public coffers and no one even noticed until it was all over.

“For Sale” signs appeared along the B3153 following this decision but concentrated around Clanville. These have been stable communities for decades, and if they’re destroyed, they can’t be rebuilt. Somerset Waste in Taunton doesn't care about people because Viridor's needs have been put first.

Apathy is not an option: If you'd like to directly access the people responsible in Taunton, use this form to contact Steve Read..