Blue Flower

The Yeovil based Highways Department recently submitted an entire rethink of the Six Pilgrims Lydford to Castle Cary area - A beautifully constructed traffic signage system and road marking extravagaza to deal with problems that have been escallating year on year since the Benz 3 wheeler.

I've formed a very dim view of the Yeovil Highways Department. They are starved of money so they can't leave their desks let alone understand any of the local problems. They're supposed to be an independent body, but, they're basically public servants who aren't allowed to serve the public. - They can only parrot whatever the Government-du-jour tells them the limits are today.

I'm not just being cynical here, but speeding cars don't take any notice of road signage if there's no one around to stop them. HGV's will still be doing 50 down the middle of the street at midnight through Alford whatever the signs say. The problem isn't protecting the hamlets and villages with a few judiciously placed 30mph signs, it's about reducing the level of HGV traffic to zero along a road that isn't suitable for any.

Here's what the Highways Deprtment thought the B3153 looked like up until 2016:

b3153 motorway

Yet this is what it's always looked like if you live here:

lovington blindbend