Blue Flower

Somerset County Council & Viridor Waste Management are in charge of the Henhouse.

We're suposed to have moved past backroom deals, corrupt self-interest and dictatorial powerbrokers, but it seems that our public servants have awarded themselves the right to do anything they want within the frameworks their predecessors created.

When things are decided without proper public consultation or railroaded through without due consideration of the facts it would seem that our public servants answer to no one but each other.

You'd be lucky to find out if some goon in Taunton had managed to give themselves planning permission to put a new airport runway in your back yard before workmen were bulldozing your house down.

Policies are supposed to follow a pre-determined path:

  • Verify, define and detail the problem
  • Establish evaluation criteria
  • Identify and evaluate alternatives
  • Choose the best of the alternative policies
  • Implement and monitor the recommended policies

Some officials on the other side of Somerset made a decision recently to condemn the Six Pilgrims area to perpetual blight. Wilful decimation of our communities and destroying our quality of life without facing a single moment of reality. And this, when there was a perfectly viable and economically superior alternative waste station at Bridgewater. It's already up and running and in absolutely the right geographical location. Easy for sorting Yeovil, Glastonbury and Street's waste and then trucking it straight up the M5 to the Avonmouth incinerator for burning!

  • The idea is that every policy is examined thoroughly.
  • Determine the desirability of all the alternative policies from the viewpoint of society, taking into consideration productivity, value to the public purse etc
  • Contracted safeguards put in place to avoid any subsequent shenannigans by any party.

None of this happens when a private business creates a new policy and Somerset County Council jumped into bed without checking for condoms and no thought to the morning after.

  • Bad decisions like these can be arrived at because vested interest groups carry more weight than all of the readily available empirical evidence.
  • There are situations when the legitimate warnings from the public and Parish Councils play second fiddle to tainted and fabricated information from experts.
  • When things are decided behind closed doors because some groups are alowed to police themselves and answer to no one. Sounds like the Banking fiasco.

There was a time when I would have said "If you don't know what's going on, it's because you weren't paying attention", but it's not true. By the time we read about something in a newspaper, the deal was done so long ago that the ink is fading on the parchment.

No one can be held accountable even when the decision is clearly unjustified and the consequences multi-generational unless you speak up NOW!