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SixPAC believes that the British countryside is beautiful to look at, but it needs to be fit for people to live in as well as.

The number one threat to anyone living in the country is the ever increasing size of vehicles being funnelled down narrow country lanes by sat-nav companies. The accompanying levels of danger to the residents from accidental squishing, deafening noise and cumulative pollution has become the acceptable level of collateral damage.

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It's particularly bad in the Six Pilgrims area, between the lights at Lydford-on-Fosse to the bridge at Castle Cary. The B3153 should be renamed the "A37 Wraxall relief road" because it's been operating as a private motorway for HGV traffic for years.

This situation has been allowed to escallate and remained unhecked because there's no mechanism for reigning it in.

Central Government isn't in the business of building roads, they're in the business of altering the legislation or raising the bar so they aren't required to do anything.

We've now reached the point where it's almost impossible to reach a level of noise or pollution that would trigger the Environmental Protection Agency to reject any planning application on the grounds of noise or pollution!
The system has been fixed legally so that you'd need to strap the equivalent of a portable jet engine to your headboard and have it take off at random intervals of less than 8 seconds throughout the night for at least 5 years. - I jest a little. But not by much.

Apathy is not the answer, no one should be the willing victim of another's self-interest. It's not up to someone else to do something, we need to start protecting ourselves.