Blue Flower

Everyone's looking for something. A sign that makes sense of everything.

I can't bring you revleation, but I can create signs that make sense in the world we live in.

Treat our villages with respect

A 58cm square sign the perfect size for legibility and impact - All graphics are printed on waterproof, UV resistant heavyweight vinyl and delivered to your door in a protective tube for a price you won't believe.

SixPAC Signage is availible to anybody, just click this link for the cheapest and most effective roadside protest anywhere and we can discuss your requirements.

Getting the message across ...

Hand painted 30mph circles tacked to telegraph poles are a great place to start, but no one takes any notice. If it doesn't look official, then why should they?

I've been designing and printing waterproof and UV resistent posters for several years now. All graphics are printed on heavyweight vinyl and can last several seasons with nothing more than a wipe down to remove accumulated road filth from the surface.

A single square, attached to a wooden frame and staked makes a lot more impact than a handpainted sign that looks sad when it rots in the rain.

These signs will send the message and alleviate the speeding problem for as little as £20.


If you live near a bend, this is a timely reminder that other road users exist
(580mm x 580mm)

Guess what's around the corner - SPEED KILLS, SLOW DOWN

I particularly like the hard edged reality of this one - Works in suburbs and around schools by changing the word "Bend" to "Corner"
(580mm x 580mm)

Drive like it's your kids around the next corner

One that is desperately needed at the entrance to Lovington Village
(580mm x 580mm)

Village Starts Here, SLOW DOWN

Any of these signs are availible through this contact form - Delivered to your home in a protective tube - Talk to SixPAC now!